Most Effective Service and Maintenance Tips for Used Cars

Are you not being able to keep up on your car maintenance checklist? Then, you should keep in mind our tips for used cars and boost your cars performance, save you money and make your used car safer to drive. Today’s vehicles are so reliable it’s easy to forget about scheduled service.

Fortunately, modern vehicles, like the new Toyota Yaris have convenient service reminders to keep us on schedule. With a little planning and knowledge of maintaining cars, you can actually save money and at the same time have peace of mind.

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We have fished out some of the best maintenance tips for used cars. These tips will make things much simpler for you.

Take a look at our tips for used cars:

Opt For Regular Servicing: Check the owner’s guide that came with your car. Try to understand when you need to make an appointment in order to take the best care of it. You also consider scheduling your service through the dealership which you used for buying the car. That’s because dealerships maintain a detailed log of service history and also offer authentic parts and years of experience. A trusted independent mechanic is also a good choice, but choose wisely. A reference from a satisfied customers is a always good bet.

Change The Brakes: Many car owners do not pay attention until they hear grinding noises from the brakes. Don’t make this mistake. Remove the wheel and you’ll be able to see the pads on both sides of the disc. From there, its’ pretty obvious.

Change Oil: This is probably the simplest yet most effective tip for car maintenance. Changing the oil regularly can save your vehicle from engine failure and save you thousands of dollars.

Change Oil Filter: Change your car oil filter when you change the engine oil. A dirty oil filter will restrict oil flow around the engine. This could cause unnecessary engine ware.

Replace The Air Filters: Clogged air filters can be a lot of trouble. They can reduce gas mileage in older models, and can affect acceleration time in newer ones.

Wash The Car Regularly: Keeping your car shiny doesn’t only make it look good, it also helps in maintaining the finish. But if you are doing it all by yourself, use cleaning products that are made for cars, not shampoo or hand soap or dish-washing detergent. And no, not your household glass cleaner either. It can strip off the protective wax of your car.

Take Care of The Tires: buy a tire gauge and check the pressure of the tires from time to time. Do the same with the spare as well. Tire gauges are pretty inexpensive and can help reduce the wear and tear on the tires and boost fuel efficiency too.

Restore The Headlight Covers: Get a headlight restoration kit or de-hazing kit to restore the headlights and make your car look like new. This will also help your car gain more visibility on the road.

Replace The Floor Mats: Replace the floor mats with a new carpet or place some rubber mats instead. But remember to get mats that are designed for the exact make and model of your car.

Keep Your Vehicle Clean: Do your best to keep your vehicle clean, a good coat of wax will go a long way to helping it look like new. If your car’s interior has a lot of wear and tear it’s relatively inexpensive to make minor repairs. New floor mats and seat covers are a quick and easy fix if replacing the carpets or upholstery is too costly. Taking care of the inside of our car is just as important as maintaining your engine and exterior.

Some More Handy Tips For Used Cars:

  • Service the braking system and steering system on a regular basis
  • Repair the radiator hoses, constant velocity joints, fuel lines, timing belts etc
  • Change the radiator coolant and transmission fluid
  • If your car doesn’t have a repair manual, get one ASAP
  • Buy a jack stand, it will come handy
  • Clean corrosion from the battery terminals using baking soda, water and an anti-corrossion chemical
  • Repair the battery cables’ connections
  • Change the oil filter

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